Family Barn on Playhub

More Fun in Family Barn! 

Get started with three new missions this week in Family Barn!

Join your friends on the quest to gather as many pumpkins as possible - time to prepare for upcoming Halloween.

Tasha and Darryl will serve some food for the Lunch Program - help them out to get rewards.

A new Animal Habitat is waiting for you - check out the new mission with cute Sugar Gliders.

Enjoy the newest update of Family Barn!

Oktoberfest +90% Bonus 

Happy Oktoberfest! Fill your Oktoberfest barrels with a +90% bonus and have lots of fun!  

Two New Missions this Week in Family Barn!

Prepare yourself for a big bag of fun with two new missions in the current update.

Join Jerry and Ellie on their Special New Mission where you will do nothing but relax! Check out the Day of Zen tasks!

A new Animal Habitat mission is available too - now you can meet a cute harvest mouse! Visit the new Animal Habitat and join the fun in Family Barn today!

Gooooooal +90% Bonus!

Support your team and catch this +90% bonus in flight!

Get Ready for Summer!

There are only a few weeks to go before the summer holidays! Get ready to catch this +90% bonus!

Mother–Daughter Getaway

We just celebrated a wonderful holiday: Mother's Day!
To show how much we care about our lovely moms, we're bringing you a special event - a Mother–Daughter getaway!

Also, there is a time-limited quest waiting for you! Take a day off and go to work with William! You can learn about his job and, as always, there will be plenty of rewards!