Klondike on Playhub

Easter In Klondike! 

This week in Klondike, we're kicking off with a grand Easter team competition event!
Get together with your friends and join a team to compete with other players across the globe!

There are plenty of missions and tasks waiting for you to complete! Work hard to make your team the best in the world and win amazing prizes!

Enjoy the Easter adventures this week in Klondike!  

Get Ready For a Tropical Adventure in Klondike! 

Visit the new festive land and embark on a journey in the tropical El Rabbito.

The ancient statue that has been guarding the jungle needs a refreshing makeover - remember to bring paint and find the missing jewels!
Something is wrong though... It seems everyone is sad in this beautiful land! Find out what happened and help save Easter!

Enjoy the festive adventures in the next update of Klondike!  

Take Part in a Thrilling Experiment This Week in Klondike! 

Visit the new land in Klondike and meet with the Professor. Help him conduct a daring experiment to prepare a delicious Blackberry Tincture!

Travel around the new location and collect all the boxes - each one has a secret inside! Gather them all to get a mysterious reward!

Join us on the new adventures in Klondike!  

A New Scientific Adventure Awaits You in Klondike! 

This week, you can set out to a new land in Wolf Heath - travel to Rayfield and meet the Professor.

Bring back power to the old laboratory to use the time machine! You can travel to the past, but beware: many dangers await you so make sure you are fully equipped.

Begin your new adventure this week in Klondike!  

It's Lovers' Week in Klondike! 

The most romantic day of the year is today!

Check out the new missions in Klondike and celebrate Valentine's Day with us!
Set out on a new adventure where you may meet a Cupid and get shot with a love arrow!

Pass the love trials and win beautiful gifts!  

Love Trials in Klondike!  

Set out to the new festive land to face the Love Trials and prove your love to your sweetheart!

Discover the secrets hidden in the sleepy forest and face the Love Trials!
Don't forget to build Wings of Love from Paradise Tree Branches to turn them into a heap of grand gifts on Valentine's Day!

Enter Klondike now - Romantic adventures are waiting for you there!  

Trouble in The Tiger Mines of Klondike!  

Go straight to the new land of Klondike: the Tiger Mines! Dangerous adventures await you there.
Hurry! Stock up on courage and help the sheriff defeat the greedy bandits that stole the rare Klondike gold and took over the mine!

Don't forget to make Tigroid Gold Bars and fill the Wheelbarrow to get wonderful prizes and the Moon Guardian!

Only you can help to bring peace back to Klondike! Enter the game now!  

Winter Festival in Klondike!

We're starting the New Year with a brand new holiday location...

Find out why Winter Festival almost got spoiled! Help the locals arrange incredible festivities and bake the yummiest Festive Cake ever!
Have fun, make your favorite desserts, and get wonderful gifts!

Play now and enjoy the new update in Klondike! 

This Week in Klondike: Winter Adventures! 

Put on warm clothes, grab your festive cheer, and open the season of Winter Adventures in the new festive land!

Take part in an exciting battle of snow castles and make a couple of cheerful snowmen together with your friends!
Collect ice shards and build the penguin slide! The bigger the slide, the more gifts you'll get when the holidays come!

Set out to Winter Adventures, the new festive location in Klondike!