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Beginning of Fall  Bonus

Let Fall begin with a great deal! What are we waiting for? Get the bonus to help make a plentiful harvest!

Take a Ride on The Merchant Airship!

This week in Klondike the Merchant Airship will arrive at your station.
It will dock there for a whole week, and you can complete orders to get Silver Bears and gain amazing rewards!

Don't forget to visit your friends and check out their airship decorations, too - you might just find something very valuable hidden underneath them.

Enjoy the unlimited orders from the Merchant Airship in the new update of Klondike! 

Set Out to Dimension Frontier This Week in Klondike! 

The Professor ventured into a disastrous experiment, and he needs your help to clean it up. 

Join him and enter Dimension Frontier while there is still time! 

You will discover the incredible inventions of the Professor and collect awesome gifts!

Enter Klondike now and continue the summer holiday madness!

Become the Chosen One!

A new permanent land is coming to Klondike this week.

Set out in the newly opened location in the Nameless Forest - Greenlee!
Find the Shaman that lives there and pass his three tests. Complete the ritual of fire and search for the Sign of the Ancients to prove that you are the chosen one...

Embark on a new adventure in the next Klondike update!

The Fisherman from the East

A certain someone has traveled a long way from the East to visit our lands!

He has brought some interesting foreign items - make sure to check out his stock.
Furthermore, you will get access to daily quests and the first spring harvest!

Enjoy loads of fun with the Fisherman from the East update in Klondike!

Listen to the Story of Ben...

This week, we reveal another permanent location on the map of Klondike.

Set out to Windsor and talk to Ben! He is now ready to share his story with you...
With this new piece of information, you can continue on your search for your father! What will be your next move?

Enjoy the new adventures in the next update of Klondike!

Spring Cleaning Bonuses

Spring has come! Let's tidy up a bit and get rid of old packages!

Enter the game regularly today, get yourself a package for an EXCEPTIONAL PRICE and enjoy quests in the game even more!

Save the Spirit of Easter!

Wolves have wandered deep into the Holiday Forest and are scaring the rabbits! Set out to the new Easter location to rescue them and chase away the wolves.

You need to bring back the Easter Magic to the forest and grow a giant carrot to celebrate. Don't forget to build your Rabbit Towers along your journey - you will be able to turn them into wonderful gifts later!

Enter now and join the holiday fun with the newest update of Klondike!