Klondike on Playhub

Explore Mountain Valley in Klondike! 

Take part in the new marathon and dive into mysterious things happening in Mountain Valley!

Find out why the poor sheep were left unattended and what happened to the shepherds!
Follow the clues and help prevent a bigger disaster in the valley!

Take part in a thrilling marathon in Klondike now! 

Join The Foam Party in Klondike! 

There's a huge party coming up this week in Klondike!

Join the venue and enjoy tons of gifts, soap bubbles and a majestic rainbow waterfall!
Collect all the gift boxes and find out what Eric Show has prepared for his guests...

You're in for a big surprise!  

Set Off to The New Adventure in Klondike! 

Paul has been missing for quite a while! Rumors are going around that he is in Goldberry, having fallen into a snake nest!

Hurry, find him and rescue him from this place. Don't let him suffer any longer!
Make sure you are very careful, as there might be some traps on the way to the city!

What are we waiting for? Enter the permanent location in Klondike now! 

The Mazes of Klondike Open Up Again! 

Ready to enter another maze and discover its secrets?
Travel through the twisty paths and search for hidden treasures!

Enter the new adventure with mazes and discover incredible riches that await you in Klondike!

Find the ancient artifact and win unique rewards!  

Stop Baby Bill's Gang in The Next Update of Klondike!  

Breaking news is coming from the Tiger Mines - Baby Bill and his gang are running rampant in Danville!

Set out to rescue the captives and outsmart the gang to help defeat them!
Find the bandits' lair and retrieve the family watch...

If you finish the battle for gold without firing a single shot, amazing rewards await you in Klondike!  

Enter The Competition in Klondike! 

This week in Klondike, you can enter the competition and become the best Home Station Owner in the whole world!

Check out the Merchant Airship and fulfill all orders to get valuable Farming Tokens! Grow a high Blooming Cherry Tree to get even better decorations and rewards...
Challenge your friends and win valuable prizes!

Become the best Home Station Owner this week in Klondike!  

Festivities Continue In Klondike!

Meet your friends in two new lands of Klondike...

Sit down for an unforgettable picnic in Lake Valley and watch the fireworks show together.
Walk along the winding paths of Old Park and discover the treasures of this beautiful location...

Amazing treasures await you in your favorite game! 

The Hot Air Balloon Festival Is In Danger! 

Travel to the new location of Cloud Town and save the festival!

Help Eric Show bring the power back and illuminate Cloud Town.
Participate in the preparations, make food, build a wonderous statue and get valuable prizes for your work!

Hop on the new Klondike adventure with this week's update!  

Two new locations coming up in the next update of Klondike!

This week, we're bringing you two new locations to the wonderful world of your favorite game!

Check out the new permanent land of Sanderra, where our story continues!

Hurry to the Barghai Forest, which will be open for you only for a limited time.
Explore its mysteries and avoid the dangers to gain rewards!

Welcome Aboard The Ship, Landlubbers!

This week in Klondike, we set out to the Rocky Coast to meet Captain Hamilton!

Help restore your new friend's ship to its former glory and bring back the goods stolen by bandits!
Restore the destroyed Lighthouse and bring back the light that will guide the sailors! A wonder of treasures await you!

Get ready for an unbelievable sea adventure in the next update of Klondike!

Discover The Culinary Secrets of Cranberries...

This week in Klondike a new land is open!

Venture out to the new location of Berryland and uncover all of the sercrets of growing cranberries!
Work your way through the land to fill the dinner table with healthy fruits and visit Silent Shadow's Wigwam; she has a special surprise for you!

Enjoy the new adventures in Klondike this week!  

Are You Ready For Sweet Rewards?

This week in Klondike we begin the honey season!
Try and lure in the bees with the sweet fragrance of May Flowers to grow the amazing Bee Oak!

The season is short, so you must act quickly! Complete the daily quests to win great rewards and if you manage to finish building the Bee Oak, you will get the sweetest of prizes!

Enjoy the new candied adventures in Klondike!  

The Mazes Of Klondike Open Up Again! 

To all adventurers: the mazes of Klondike will open again and remain available until the 16th of May.

Hurry and help the Professor explore the tangled corridors filled with ancient treasures and new puzzles!
Waste no time, because this is a competition! Find the rare Volcanic Stone to win unique rewards!

Join us in the new puzzling adventure in Klondike!  

Easter In Klondike! 

This week in Klondike, we're kicking off with a grand Easter team competition event!
Get together with your friends and join a team to compete with other players across the globe!

There are plenty of missions and tasks waiting for you to complete! Work hard to make your team the best in the world and win amazing prizes!

Enjoy the Easter adventures this week in Klondike!  

Get Ready For a Tropical Adventure in Klondike! 

Visit the new festive land and embark on a journey in the tropical El Rabbito.

The ancient statue that has been guarding the jungle needs a refreshing makeover - remember to bring paint and find the missing jewels!
Something is wrong though... It seems everyone is sad in this beautiful land! Find out what happened and help save Easter!

Enjoy the festive adventures in the next update of Klondike!  

Take Part in a Thrilling Experiment This Week in Klondike! 

Visit the new land in Klondike and meet with the Professor. Help him conduct a daring experiment to prepare a delicious Blackberry Tincture!

Travel around the new location and collect all the boxes - each one has a secret inside! Gather them all to get a mysterious reward!

Join us on the new adventures in Klondike!  

A New Scientific Adventure Awaits You in Klondike! 

This week, you can set out to a new land in Wolf Heath - travel to Rayfield and meet the Professor.

Bring back power to the old laboratory to use the time machine! You can travel to the past, but beware: many dangers await you so make sure you are fully equipped.

Begin your new adventure this week in Klondike!  

It's Lovers' Week in Klondike! 

The most romantic day of the year is today!

Check out the new missions in Klondike and celebrate Valentine's Day with us!
Set out on a new adventure where you may meet a Cupid and get shot with a love arrow!

Pass the love trials and win beautiful gifts!  

Love Trials in Klondike!  

Set out to the new festive land to face the Love Trials and prove your love to your sweetheart!

Discover the secrets hidden in the sleepy forest and face the Love Trials!
Don't forget to build Wings of Love from Paradise Tree Branches to turn them into a heap of grand gifts on Valentine's Day!

Enter Klondike now - Romantic adventures are waiting for you there!  

Trouble in The Tiger Mines of Klondike!  

Go straight to the new land of Klondike: the Tiger Mines! Dangerous adventures await you there.
Hurry! Stock up on courage and help the sheriff defeat the greedy bandits that stole the rare Klondike gold and took over the mine!

Don't forget to make Tigroid Gold Bars and fill the Wheelbarrow to get wonderful prizes and the Moon Guardian!

Only you can help to bring peace back to Klondike! Enter the game now!  

Winter Festival in Klondike!

We're starting the New Year with a brand new holiday location...

Find out why Winter Festival almost got spoiled! Help the locals arrange incredible festivities and bake the yummiest Festive Cake ever!
Have fun, make your favorite desserts, and get wonderful gifts!

Play now and enjoy the new update in Klondike! 

This Week in Klondike: Winter Adventures! 

Put on warm clothes, grab your festive cheer, and open the season of Winter Adventures in the new festive land!

Take part in an exciting battle of snow castles and make a couple of cheerful snowmen together with your friends!
Collect ice shards and build the penguin slide! The bigger the slide, the more gifts you'll get when the holidays come!

Set out to Winter Adventures, the new festive location in Klondike!