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Join The Apple Festival in Knights And Brides! 

Autumn is the season of golden leaves and juicy apples!

Fuel the Airship and set out for the Apple Festival this week!
Apple pie or apple cider? Check out how the Pastry Chef from the Apple Festival can prepare both!

No more waiting! Let's set out towards new adventures!
Celebrate autumn together with Knights and Brides! 

Let's Explore The Shade Island in Knights And Brides!

George has been standing by Gail with his umbrella for days, trying to keep the sun off her head!

If only it was possible to always have some bottled Cooling Shade around...
It's time to stock up on umbrellas and water, fuel the Airship, and set out for Shade Island, the place where there's always cooling shade and something to discover...

Have fun with Knights and Brides!

Enter The Dream in Knights And Brides!

The majority of our Kingdom's population has fallen into Sweet Slumber!

Travel to Dreamville to find out what happened.
Enter the dream world and release the people of your Kingdom from this magical sleep!

This week in Knights and Brides, be wary of any dangers that may lurk in the dreams!  

Summer Mystery In Knights And Brides!

Magicians, unite! It's time to prove you're the best in the Kingdom!

There's a rumor that High Darkness is about to ruin the Kingdom's holiday season!
McManus has announced the second round of Magic Duels with the best rewards!

Join your friends in Knights and Brides and save the royal vacation in the Summer Mystery... Don't let the best time of the year go down the drain!  

Sunny Adventure In Knights And Brides!

Welcome summer with a new event that smells like flowers and magic!

Set out to Sunfair, home of sunlight and fairies! The fairies need your help as much as the Weather Master needs a sun!
Also, now you can say goodbye to winter and create a colony in Winterfair!

Have fun with the sunniest event in Knights and Brides! 

A Shiny Story In Knights And Brides! 

Brace yourself for a true Jewelry Challenge this week!

Set out to Jeweler Town and find out what is more precious than gold and diamonds!
More exciting surprises await you in a new location only this week!

Come and have fun with Knights and Brides! 

Mandarin Adventure In Knights And Brides! 

Brace yourself for honorable missions!

The Kingdom's rare bird species need your help! Go to Mandarin Island and protect the ducks!
Your noble action will be very well rewarded! Hurry, don't wait until it's too late!

Join Knights and Brides and become a savior! 

Discover Easter Island In Knights And Brides! 

The foggy Easter Island will appear on the horizon again!

But this time, you will discover the secrets of the island in the paws of a rabbit...
The Emperor will need help to create an Easter masterpiece, so prove to him that rabbits do it best!

Start the new Easter journey in Knights and Brides!