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Summer Mystery In Knights And Brides!

Magicians, unite! It's time to prove you're the best in the Kingdom!

There's a rumor that High Darkness is about to ruin the Kingdom's holiday season!
McManus has announced the second round of Magic Duels with the best rewards!

Join your friends in Knights and Brides and save the royal vacation in the Summer Mystery... Don't let the best time of the year go down the drain!  

Sunny Adventure In Knights And Brides!

Welcome summer with a new event that smells like flowers and magic!

Set out to Sunfair, home of sunlight and fairies! The fairies need your help as much as the Weather Master needs a sun!
Also, now you can say goodbye to winter and create a colony in Winterfair!

Have fun with the sunniest event in Knights and Brides! 

A Shiny Story In Knights And Brides! 

Brace yourself for a true Jewelry Challenge this week!

Set out to Jeweler Town and find out what is more precious than gold and diamonds!
More exciting surprises await you in a new location only this week!

Come and have fun with Knights and Brides! 

Mandarin Adventure In Knights And Brides! 

Brace yourself for honorable missions!

The Kingdom's rare bird species need your help! Go to Mandarin Island and protect the ducks!
Your noble action will be very well rewarded! Hurry, don't wait until it's too late!

Join Knights and Brides and become a savior! 

Discover Easter Island In Knights And Brides! 

The foggy Easter Island will appear on the horizon again!

But this time, you will discover the secrets of the island in the paws of a rabbit...
The Emperor will need help to create an Easter masterpiece, so prove to him that rabbits do it best!

Start the new Easter journey in Knights and Brides!  

New Location In Knights And Brides!

This week we are inviting you to join the Experimentarium, the place where magic and science happen!

Discover funny anomalies and learn new things through the experiments!
Remember, you can do anything you want in the Experimentarium, but there is one condition: do not put the Agri-dwarves in storage!

Join Knights and Brides and enjoy the funny discoveries!  

Let's Hunt for Answers in Knights and Brides! 

The wheat farmers are suspected of stealing tomatoes from the tomato farmers!
But something is wrong in the story; everything sounds too shady!

Help Detective Muffin to find out what really happened on the farm! Follow the clues and find out the secret of the mysterious event!

An adventurous story awaits you in Knights and Brides! 

Sliding Contest in Knights and Brides!

The tournament continues in Winter Olympic!

Hurry to join the sliding contest! Sliding on the ice with grace is your main task: nobody can stop you now!
Are you good at sweeping floors? Then grab your broom and get the seals right to the finish line!

Take part in the in the most slippery contest in Knights and Brides now!  

Winter Battles And Magic Await You in Knights And Brides! 

Prepare yourself for the snow fight!

Build the Snow Fortress and fortify your position! Don't forget to upgrade the Fortress - it can be turned into a heap of gifts when the time comes!
In the meantime, join another surprising journey with McManus and get plenty of rewards!

Have lots of fun with Knights and Brides! 

Open the Doors to The Merchant Ship!

This time we are going to experience a real rescue mission!

But first of all, get ready to solve the mystery of the shipwreck! Set out to the merchant ship and help the ship's crew! Prevent a big disaster to happen before it is too late!
Now everything is in your hands! Use this opportunity to help others and become a royal hero!

Embark on the new adventure in Knights and Brides!  

Impo-calypse Is Coming to Knights and Brides!

We need your help to protect the Estate! Walking imps are now everywhere!

It seems the imp problem touched even the most faraway lands of the Kingdom! Set out to the new Impo-calypse Hideout and wait till the imps finish decaying!

Hurry to join spooktacular Knights and Brides! Crazy and creepy Halloween challenges await you!  

Gooooooal +90% Bonus!

Support your team and catch this +90% bonus in flight!

Get Ready for Summer!

There are only a few weeks to go before the summer holidays! Get ready to catch this +90% bonus!

Join in McManus’ Mysterious Experiment in Knights and Brides!

Find lost ants in Ant Hills on your estate and let them inhabit the ant farm.
Guide the seemingly intelligent ants and upgrade the ant farm into a thriving ant city!

Play Knights and Brides now and become the Lord of the Ants!