Turbo Racing 3 Shanghai

The game Turbo Racing 3 Shanghai will please fans of street racing ! The adrenaline is waiting for you with lot of rebound and suspense. Also you can customize your car and pimp it as much as you want.

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In the third game of Turbo Racing series, you play as a young pilot who wants to enter the underground racing of Shanghai. The objective in Shanghai Turbo Racing 3 is to finish the race before your competitors. In cruising the streets of Shanghai, exceed your opponents in rich improvised prosecution thrills in the downtown. However, avoid accidents and uncontrolled slippages that will make you lose precious seconds and even the entire race.


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How to play Turbo Racing 3 Shanghai


To drive your race car, use the arrow keys and to activate your turbo you must press X. This will increase the power of your car in order to help you overmatch your opponents. Boost icons are available throughout the city in order to charge your turbo. In addition, you must pass the checkpoints in the allowed time in order to not be eliminated. Apart from the race itself, you have various objectives to unlock new cars ever more efficient. To score extra points, collect the scattered coins you find during the race. Turbo Racing 3 Shanghai is fully 3D. It will give you the sensations of extreme speed and high adrenaline. By sharing this game on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you can encourage your friends to race with you online. The winner will be awarded the fastest driver's title in Shanghai. Are you ready to take on the challenge?