Super Mario Kart

If you are a fan of racing games don’t wait anymore, try Super Mario Kart a wonderful flash game proposed on Your mission is to challenge your opponents in a racing competition. Choose your favourite car and put out your driver’s talent to be the first.

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Super Mario Kart is a fabulous racing game where your skills as a driver are tested. This game is inspired by the moustached plumber with its superb graphics and colours. Beat all of the other racers and win the competition. Super Mario Kart is so simple and very easy. You do not need to play it many times in order to be good. You can enjoy other similar games online without any download or registration requirement and it is absolutely free.


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How to play Super Mario Kart


Use your keyboard to control your car. Use the right, left, up and down directional buttons to move on the right or left, to accelerate or slow your speed. Collect the bonuses through the road by driving on them. You can use these bonuses and leave them on the road to ensnare your adversaries. Avoid the obstacles and snares of your opponents. Like and share this game on Facebook, Twitter...