Gamyo Snow Racing

If you like racing game, Gamyo Snow Racing is perfect for you! Go on and try it. Take your best car right now and be ready for a race on snow. This game is so fantastic and really challenging. Are you ready to challenge your adversaries ?

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Gamyo Snow Racing is a game where you have to show your driving abilities. Your Kart is so powerful and fast so all you need is accuracy. Try to spend less time than your adversaries during the 3 rounds and unlock other levels. Drive on the ramps to win additional nitro. Enjoy similar games online without download or registration requirements. Run in nitro mode on the straight lines and decrease your speed before stunting when you reach a curve.


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How to play Gamyo Snow Racing


Playing Gamyo Snow Racing is very simple as you'll see ! Click on Start to begin. Use the directional buttons to control your Kart: Up button to accelerate, down to slow, right to turn on the right and left to turn on the left. Click on Space button to drive in Nitro mode. You only have 10 in each level so don’t waste and wait till you drive fast to activate it. Avoid the borders, they slow your car speed. Like and share on Facebook, Twitter...