Mad Day 2

Fierce aliens are at your heels. They mean business! Are you courageous and ruthless enough to affront them? You able to survive around that chaos? If yes, go quickly on to start Mad Day 2. Now that all is set, get behind your wheels, load your gun and be ready for some killing.

More informations about Mad Day 2


Mad Day 2 is in the action game types. It’s about shooting and killing aliens. Your goal is to win the battle against aliens. How to do that? You just need to reach the flying saucer without being shot. The distance from you to the plane is on top of your screen. Each alien skull symbolizes a level.  Playing the game is totally free. Any download is required. There’re countless action and shooting games to discover for free in as well. 


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How to play Mad Day 2


Playing Mad Day 2 isn’t complicated. Your vehicle’s driving is done automatically.  Use all your focus on shooting and killing aliens. To shoot, press X or up direction keys. You can press and hold X for repeated shooting. Jump by using the space bar. Click on it 2 times for double jump. As a tip, collect as many coins, health, speed and live as possible by jumping to touch them. Share the game on Facebook or Twitter.