Big Bad Ape

Life hasn’t been easy for this ape. His family has been killed. He was captured. He is by his own. Now that he is free, he asks for payback on people and society. Wanna help him get his revenge? If so, click on ‘’Play’’ and start the killing and smashing.

More informations about Big Bad Ape


Big Bad Ape is an action game. Your missions is to help the ape do mess. The objective of each level is either a place to reach or a number of killing to do. Complete goals to unlock next missions. Avoid police shooting by lying down. Pay attention to the Ape heart on top because his lifetime is limited. The game has 16 fun levels. You wanna others similar actions games? is the right site to go. It’s free. No download is required.



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How to play Big Bad Ape


First, select ‘’1’’ to start playing.  Walk using the left and right arrow keys. Jump thanks to the up direction key. Crouch by pressing on down arrow key. To do actions, press the Space bar as many times as needed. Actions are smashing cars/things, eating people, demolishing glasses etc.  Once you complete a level, click on “Next mission’’ to continue. Share the game on Facebook for friends and on Twitter for followers.