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From football to basketball through ski you can play to your Favorite sports game. You can practice all the sports activities of your choice in our categories of free sports games. Succeed in these online games and become a champion requires intensive training! You're going to spend hours in order to have fun with our free online game. There is no downloading to do. You have the chance to be elected web sportsman of the year. Do not let go!

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In online sports games, you have the choice between two types of decorations. Realistic graphics like Molson Pro Hockey and cartoon style design like Lego Tennis, it's up to you! Some offer a 3D image quality while others stick to 2D interfaces, although some games combine the two. The gameplays sports games are also very varied. Collective sports games often have a command to pass, a command to fight and shoot while billiards or golf games require precision. Therefore commands depend on the game. Some games use the keyboard for different combinations, others employ only mouse. Often in the online gaming category, there is a 1 player option where you can train yourself and make records, but also a multiplayer option to compete against friends or the different players connected to the Internet.

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Long Free Kick
Free Kick Duel
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Beckham's free kick
Freekick Football
Penalty Shootout 201...
Rugby Penalty Kick
Swtiching Goals
Shoot The Goal
King of Dunk
9M Soccer
Wear the Shirt
Keep Ups 2
Ultimate Swish
Football Challenge
Molson Pro Hockey
Iceberg Hockey
Super Free Kicks
P2W Free Kicks

If you're a fan of football, boxing or race does not hesitate! Embodies your favorite player and try to conquer the world of sport while having fun with sports games playable for free on the internet. Adrenaline and thrills await you! In sports games, you have to become the best player or lead the best team in the discipline. Choose your idol, train it and participates in games to become the number one in the world. You like team games such as football, rugby or basketball, or you love car racing, you have a wide choice of games dedicated to the sport. Games like Football stars, European soccer champions, and Ultimate swish are available on

For fun and relaxation, sharing these sports games available online on social networks and challenge your friends! The game can be more thrilling if you bet on who has accumulated the most points.