Flower Puzzle

Do you love picking flowers and feel the nature? Yes, you surely do. How about trying this game Flower Puzzle and do some flowers gathering? If you like that idea, start right away the game on Playhub.com. You all ready? Then, let’s see how well you know about flowers and its different varieties.

More informations about Flower Puzzle


Flower Puzzle is a reflection game. Your objective is to clear all flowers from the table by combining at least 3 identical flowers horizontally or vertically. Some flowers are on wooden slabs. But, don’t worry; the way to clear these different flowers is the same. Make sure to quickly clear all wooden slabs on your screen to unlock the next level. You have a timer, so play safe before game is over. Enjoy yourself trying countless games of this category freely and without download on Playhub.com.  


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How to play Flower Puzzle


The gameplay is also very simple as you'll see. To gather flowers together, just use your mouse. You have a screen full of flowers to clear. Assemble 3 or more identical flowers. Switch flowers over by a clicking on them. Some flowers are enclosed on some wooden slabs. Need a tip ? Try to only combine flowers in the wooden slabs. Don’t forget to share Flower Puzzle on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.