Candy Candy

Are you a fan of reflection games? If yes, we definitely recommend you to visit and try Candy Candy. Your mission is to gather candies of the same color to clean your screen within the time allocated. Start now and enjoy the magic of gaming.

More informations about Candy Candy


Candy Candy is a game very similar to Candy Crush. Try to make candies disappear in one click ! To achieve a level, you have to finish before the end of the given time. The ambiance is wonderful and you can go from level to level quickly. Candy Candy is the must try of the reflection games! Give it a try and enjoy it ! You can play similar games online without downloading or registering.


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How to play Candy Candy


Just use your mouse to play this game. Click on a candy to make it disappear. When you face difficulties, just click on Item to change the table colour. On the left part of your screen you will see “mission”: it indicates how many combinations you have to do to jump to the next level. At the inferior corner on the left, there is a number which indicates your score. It changes depending on the number of successful combinations you have achieved. Start now! If you have appreciated, like and share it on Facebook, Twitter ...