Did you already try Freecell? No or yes, a test of Freecell would surely be welcome anyway. Sit comfortably in front of your computer and start Freecell on Play it immediately and have fun. Ready? Now, let’s see how quickly you can fill up the blue piles of cards from Ace to King.

More informations about Freecell


The game is in the reflection game type. Your objective is to move same suits and color cards to the 4 piles on top. These piles are blue. Use other 4 green piles as temporary storage. To free cards from other cards packs, you can either use the 4 green piles above or rearrange them in card packs by order and alternating between red and black cards. Several reflection and cards games are also available on freely and without download. 


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How to play Freecell


Here are the rules. To move and use cards, just use your mouse. The cards situated at the center of your screen game must be place in the 4 blue piles on top. How? First, click and hold the left button of your mouse. Then, drag cards using the mouse movement into the right pile. Don’t forget that time is running down. Feel totally free to share it on Facebook or Twitter.