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Have fun and solve the most mysterious puzzles. Find objects hidden in our best free hidden object games! Take the time to observe and analyze scenes and decorations as Sherlock Holmes in order to find all the errors that have crept or items that are removed! Seeking products in your shopping or reference numbers hidden in the d├ęcor!

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Find out now our best hidden object games like the garden of my dreams or the Natalie Brooks Treasure of the Lost Kingdom. Then share your discoveries on social networks Facebook, Google+ or Twitter! Good luck and good game!

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Find the objects
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Hiddent Master
The Prince Edward

Generally, the games that you will find here are played by using the mouse. The number of selections may be limited and you have to be sure before you launch into frenzied clicks. Go to conquer the world of dreams with This strange dream or discovering the world of corsairs and pirates in the game Legacy Tales: Mercy Of The Gallows. You could also discover the unique adventure of a personage of Middle-earth with the title A Tale of HobbitFinally, if you love art, discover or rediscover the master paintings in the title Hidden Master. In this title, you can find over 125 objects in a single picture! Beautiful graphics are always waiting for you and you will be immersed in the world of dreams or in the cruel world of underwater depths. In short, full of adventures await you in the world of hidden object games!


With our hidden object games, you will have the opportunity to make good use of your powers of observation in order to find all objects that are requested. Like a certain Sherlock Holmes, you must also solve puzzles to finish all the levels that are available. You will have the opportunity to discover all kinds of environments and unusual places. Investigate and study various scenes to find the items on your list. Most of the time, a little story will enlighten you on the object of your quest. offers you to play for free without download any titles you'll find here! Enjoy fast!