Mahjong Tower

Mahjong Tower is a fun and entertaining version of the classical Chinese game, Mahjong. Do you enjoy puzzle games? If yes, have a great time trying Mahjong Tower. Start it right away on Click on ‘’New game’’ and let’s see how faster you will remove tiles from the tower.

More informations about Mahjong Tower


Mahjong Tower is a reflection game in the mahjong style. It seems like you’re on top of a tower. Your objective is to clear that tower by combining identical tiles by 2. To remove tiles, they have to be identical and playable. That means they have to be free on top and at their right or left sides. The number of tiles remaining and playable and the hint, shuffle, setting and menu buttons are at the bottom. is the platform for countless free and without download games.  


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How to play Mahjong Tower


How to play Mahjong Tower? It’s not complicated. Only use your mouse. You have to look for playable twin tiles to clear it from your tower. To select them, just click on them one by one and they’ll automatically disappear. As tip, you can use 5 hints or 3 shuffles for help in each level.  Invite your friends to try it by sharing its link on Facebook or Twitter.