Super Sneak

How about playing the best burglar in town? You’re in the game? Yes! Then, start Super Sneak right now. Give a test to the game on and let’s see if you’re a good housebreaker. Make sure to steal as many money as possible through all Super Sneak 20 levels.

More informations about Super Sneak


Super sneak is an action game. Your goal is to help Rusty steal money in order to please his lover Sophia. For information, He has to please her by fulfilling all her needs. She has a list of favorite things she would like to have. Rusty intends to fulfill all his lover wishes. Try break through every houses in all 20 districts. Each district stands for a level. Once taking money, jump as quickly as possible into the car to complete level. Playing is free and without download.



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How to play Super Sneak


How to play? It’s simple. Use your mouse for playing. Click on spots to move there, on things to get or hide there and on doors to break it. As a tip, collect cash on road and before doors to increase your swag.  Hide on trees, houses or trash cans to avoid being noticed by police officers and patrols.  Like or share the game on Facebook or Google+ to help your friends discover it.