Royal Dice

GamePoint brings you the best traditional dice game you know & love with exciting new twists! 

Play RoyalDice for free with your friends anywhere and anytime. Throw dice, make the right combinations and outscore your opponent to win! Try all the different game modes, chat with your friends while you play and personalize your game with special cups and dice.

The different game modes!

  • Normal: Challenge up to 3 friends or random opponents
  • Triple: Play with a bigger scorecard! Perfect for strategic players
  • Real Time: Join quick rounds anytime you want with this fun and fast-paced mode
  • PartyMode: Compete with dozens of opponents at the same time for big rewards

RoyalDice, social multiplayer dice game by GamePoint includes:

  • Fun, strategy and a bit of luck
  • Huge royal jackpots and free Coin gifts
  • Multiple active simultaneous games
  • Personalized Cups and Dice
  • Large and friendly community
  • Play games with your best buddies
  • Social features, chat, smileys
  • All GamePoint advantages