Do you love games with a little bit of brain using? If yes, the game to play absolutely is Game 2048. Game 2048 will be a real treat for your brain and attentiveness. It’s a combination of logic, fun, mathematic and entertainment. Ready for some brain training? Go have fun on Playhub.com.

More informations about 2048


Game 2048 is a reflection game. Numerals ‘’power of 2’’ will gradually fill up the little boxes of your screen game. So, your goal is to get the number 2048 by moving these different numbers from up, down, right and left. Move them cleverly because each movement adds another number. To free boxes and get 2048 more quickly, make sure to collide same number together for their sum.  Many similar games like this one are available freely and without download on Playhub.com.


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How to play 2048


How to do to get 2048? At first, click on ‘’Play’’. Move numbers through boxes by using the arrow keys. Use each arrow key for the corresponding direction. Beware: when you can no longer move, the game is over. So as tip, try to slide equal number together to get their sum and free boxes. Wanna test your friend mathematic skills? Share the game on Facebook or Twitter and invite them to try it.