Minion Eyecare

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an ophthalmologist? If yes we definitely recommend you Minion Eyecare a game proposed on where you have to help your patients by healing them. They are really suffering and they rely on your competences as a doctor to recover quickly.

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Minion Eyecare is a wonderful game where you will incarnate an ophthalmologist. You must take care of your patients suffering from eyes troubles. So determine all the problems related to their vision in order to make therapeutic prescriptions. Determine whether they have a problem to see far from them or near them. The game is very easy and absolutely simple. Start now we are sure that you will enjoy your gaming experience. Enjoy other similar games online without any download requirement.


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How to play Minion Eyecare


Click on Play to start the game and then welcome a minion in your cabinet. Click on him so he can sit, put sheds of water in his eyes and clean them. Ask him how many fingers you have showed him to test his vision and insert the answer on the good place, no problem if you are mistaken. Use a laser to test the colours and this will help you find the best glasses corrector. Like and share this game on Facebook, Twitter, Google+