Papa's Freezeria

Do you love waiter and cooking games? If yes, Papa’s Freezeria is a must try for you. It’s about managing a restaurant and preparing different ice creams for customers. Are you able to prepare delicious ice cream while offering good customer service? If so, start Papa’s Freezeria right now on

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Papa’s Freezeria is a girl game. Papa, the manager needs some holidays far from his restaurant. Lots of money are offered to his stand-in. Your goal is to replace him and get as much money as possible. First, you’ll have a training test, so pay attention to how to prepare ice creams. After, you’ll be on your own. You can try all Papas’ series and many other girl games as long as you like on It’s free and with anything to download.


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How to play Papa's Freezeria


How to play Papa’s Freezeria? It’s quite easy! Use the “Build”, “Mix” and “Top” stations at the bottom in that order to prepare your ice cream. To serve the freeze, you have to drag the customer ticket orders into the green board. As tips, make sure to follow correctly customer orders for more money. The happier the customer is, the bigger the tip is. Share the game on social media like Facebook and Twitter.