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Immerse yourself in the world of Arkheim, a new heavyweight strategy from the creators of the global online classic Travian: Legends. Manage branches and resources from behind the secure walls of Arkheim - Realms at War combines the depth of the complexity of a PC strategy game with the availability of a pharmacy.

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Arkheim is all that remains of an ancient, legendary continent that was almost completely destroyed by the cataclysm. Since then, many islands have been formed from the magical floating remains, where old relics and promises of powerful power now attract new explorers. The destroyed continent is again inhabited - by players - driven by a prophecy predicting the rise of the chosen ones to the Eternal Light.

They join forces in powerful covenants in search of secret spheres. Ultimately it is only through the power of these spheres that they will be able to rise to higher and more impressive islands. Decide the fate of the Covenant as part of an alliance: Where should control be extended, which enemies should be attacked and which attacks should be fended off? These are constant decisions: In Arkheim, the Covenants are constantly competing with each other to expand their territories and conquer the bullets of others.

The ancient, powerful artifact - known as the Ark - represents the focus of power and the heart of every Covenant. The spheres collect the energy of the Akheim moons and transmit it to the Ark. This, in turn, strengthens the production of raw materials and the training of the troops of the entire Covenant.

You can play with elves or dwarves and develop your city in a fantasy atmosphere as you wish. Players can also show their bravery in battle. Here the army does not simply consist of a number of units. The players also make a choice between the Chiefs, who lead the armies, strengthening them with their unique personalities and skills. Moreover, a player's city can never be destroyed, which means that he never loses everything.

This is the opposite of the islands where the Covenants clash in epic battles. In addition to strategically placed towers to expand the kingdom, tacticians will also try to gain valuable supply points and conquer rare portals. In the later phases of the Covenant moon they can use these portals to climb to higher islands. They will find there more abundant resources and new strategic elements that will further intensify the war between the Covenants and continue to challenge players.

This results in a kind of league system where players with similar skills fight against each other. To make the exciting battles even more attractive, even the total loss of an army will not mean the end of the battle. Troops killed in battle can quickly be called in the city. These subordinate units accompany players in exploring Arkheim's past in the catacombs below the city. In this underground world, players will encounter magical equipment as well as terrifying demons that only the fearless "Fallen" can defeat.

The game round takes about ten weeks. During this time there are several phases of the moon, which cumulate into the Fullness of Three Moons. During this exciting final phase of the Covenant they race against each other. What counts is who will defeat the demons that are trying to bounce Arkheim in the fastest and most efficient way. The winners become the chosen ones who can rise to Eternal Light, as well as to the list of Arkheim winners - Realms at War.

Bonus package
As a player you receive a bonus package worth 10 EUR. After completing the tutorial you will receive a treasure chest.

- 1 Construction slot
- 15x Occupant's foot (shortened construction time by 5 minutes)
- 10x Falcon wing (shortened construction time by 15 minutes)
- 5x Chariot wheel (1 hour shorter construction time)
- 5x Alchemist (Merchant-Npc)
- 5x Emergency assistance (immediate delivery of supplies)


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The most important features

- From the creators of the award-winning game Travian: Legends
- Multilingual servers
- Many platforms (browser, iOS, Android)
- A highly developed new generation MMO strategy game
- Unity will give you victory, team play over Pay to Win, team play has power
- Addictive fantasy scenery with detailed and beautiful graphics
- The dynamics of PvP/PvE cycles takes into account a wide range of players (midcore and hardcore)