American Racing

Are you a fan of chase racing games? If so we definitely recommend you to try American Racing. This game is proposed on It consists in beating all of your opponents in a chasing race. The aim is to end the game at the first place

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American Racing is a racing game where you will meet very pitiless adversaries; they won’t give you any chance to be the winner. But show them that you are good enough to win the competition. You must show intelligence, vivacity and acuteness! Without doubt you will spend hours and hours before your screen playing this game with a great pleasure. The graphics are fantastic and the sound effects are simply wonderful. You can enjoy other similar games online without any download requirement.


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How to play American Racing


Use the directional buttons to play this game: Up to gear, down to slow, right to go on the right and left to move on the left. Boost your turbo, using the X button. Earn money by beating the other drivers and use that money to buy new tools for your car. The game is so funny but challenging! If you appreciated it like and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+