Train Controller

Bandits blew up bridges where the train passes. This train transports objects of inestimable value. In this game you take the place of the driver of the train and you have to repair these collapsed bridges in order to make your train pass.  You can get this game for free online. There is no registration or download to do.

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Drive the train and when it arrives at a collapsed bridge, you must go down and repair it. So the train can continue safely. You have a limited time and cash to finish each level of the game. Cash put at your disposal allows you to build a new bridge and it varies according to the level you play. To repair a railway unit you spend $ 15, a vertical support unit 5 dollars and a diagonal support unit 7 dollars.


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How to play Train Controller


To start the game, click "PLAY". Then click on "START" and then on level 1 to start a new game. If you do not want to watch the introduction video, click on "Skip". In the game, you will find the cash at your disposal and the time remaining to complete the current level in top. Train controller is played with the mouse and keyboard. Press the directional key Left to accelerate the train. To reduce its speed, press key of right direction. When you see the red STOP sign, press the spacebar to build the new bridge. To place a piece of railroad, first click on the left maintained a rivet, then slide the click to a point of intersection and release when it's good. You have to do the same thing to place any other support. When you're satisfied, click on the button with a yellow triangle located inside, down in order to make pass the train on the built bridge. Share with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter the link of the game.