Mario Go Kart

Do you know about the famous Mario ? You sure do! Here, Mario is about to take part into a great race behind a kart. Wanna help Mario finish his race at the first place? If so, go right now on and let’s see how fast you can race!  

More informations about Mario Go Kart


Mario Go Kart is a race game. Your goal is to get to the finish line first by driving as fast as possible. You can choose the gameplay and racing mode you like. Through levels, you can collect boxes for upgrades. They can help you get nitro, make your kart invisible or increase its size. Avoid absolutely banana skins unless you want to crash. Wanna enjoy other similar games? is the way to go. It’s free and without download.


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How to play Mario Go Kart


Mario Go Kart has three gameplays: career mode, time trial or just single race. To accelerate, press on the up arrow key. Go right/left using the left and right arrow keys. Brake by pressing the down one. Pause the race or return to the menu, use Enter or ESC keys. For extra bonus, drive by running into boxes on the road. Invite your friends from Facebook or Twitter to try the game by sharing it.