Road of Fury 2

If you’re an action games fan, you must know about the Road of Fury. Road of fury 2: Nuclear Blizzard is its sequel. It’s a gun shooting and killing games. Heavily armed guys are at Cole’s heels. He needs to kill them before they do it. Ready to embody Cole’s character? If yes, start the game of

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The game is in the action game type. For information, Cole has the thing that everyone wants and most of all fears: the Nuclear Blizzard. He needs to escape villains and enemies. He finds himself on the road of fury. He has to survive. Unfortunately he is by himself. Wanna give him a hand? Start the game if so. First, you’ll have a little intro but click on ‘’Skip’’ to pass over. There’re lots of action games to play for free and without download on



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How to play Road of Fury 2


Here is how to play this action game. You’ll need the mouse and your keyboard for playing. Your truck drives all alone but speed it up pressing on the right direction key. To aim your weapons, move the mouse on your targets. For cash and bonus, shoot on coins and nitrate to collect them for upgrades. To activate devices, hit 1, 2, 3 keys from numeric keypad. Share and like the game on Facebook and Twitter.