Minecraft 2D

Do you wanna be the modern Robinson Crusoe? If so, get to the Minecraft 2D universe and change the empty planet you’re in into a living and enjoyable world. Are you brainy and strong enough to build a magnificent world through nothing? You think so! Then, start it on Playhub.com without delay.

More informations about Minecraft 2D


Minecraft 2D is a thrilling adventure game. It’s quite refreshing with numerous possibilities. You can choose your own gameplay according to the construction you want to build. You have to set your own objectives. Start by collecting woods to make planks. For example, to build a farm, first water the ground using a bucket, then plows the land with the hoe and at last plant seeds/potatoes/carrots using the grass. There’re several free adventure and construction games to try without download on Playhub. Go find them all !


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How to play Minecraft 2D


Use either W/A or left/right arrow keys to walk. The W/Space keys are for jumping. Here is how to build: mine by clicking and holding the mouse in the direction you wanna mine. Place a block by choosing an item from inventory, then move the mouse into the right spot and click while holding Shift. To craft, just drag things around. To use items for craft, press E key. Share the game on Facebook or Google+.