Adam and Eve: Golf

Are you ready for the funniest golf game ever played?

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Adam and Eve are back for a furious golf game! Help Adam to do the most memorable golf game in Adam and Eve: Golf. And yes, who would have thought? Golf was already used during our favorite couple’s spare time a very long time ago! Your goal is going to be to put the ball in the hole located next to the panel while gathering the stars and in less possible blows! If the ball falls or is exploded by a dinosaur that you have a little too disturbed during his contemplation of nature then you will have to restart the level and thus again try to collect the stars. But all the dinosaurs will not be there to stop you from playing, some even will want to participate and help you put the ball in the hole. So, take your time, be attentive and meticulous. Adam can become a Golf Champion only if you show your abilities. And golf requires concentration while being fun, so have fun with Adam. He is only waiting for you to start the most epic part of the era.


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How to play Adam and Eve: Golf



The goal is to put the stone in the hole because it is a Golf game, do not forget! And yes, golf was already trendy at that time. Dose the intensity and height with the left click of the mouse to prevent the ball from falling or being crushed. Some dinosaurs will help you while others will complicate your task. Pass the different levels and collect the stars to score the highest score.