Football Stars 2023

Are you a die-heart football fan? Then you can't miss playing Football Stars! Football Stars is a challenging soccer game with enticing graphics and pleasant sounds where the player needs to score more goals than the opponent to win matches.

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In this fun-to-play game, first, you need to pick your favorite actor/character to start the game. You will get 1.5 minutes for a single match in which you need to make as many goals as you can.

Use the right/left keys on the screen to move, head key for the head shot and, foot key to hit the ball and make the goal that carries 10 points. If you continue playing the game, your total goal score of the current match will add to the total goal score of the next football match you play. Hence, the more goals you make in every match, the higher you will score to avail the superpowers.

Superpowers? Let's reveal another top secret of the game too!

We also give you the option to gain special powers to beat your opponent. Want to know how? Then continue reading!

There are 3 superpowers you can use to win matches easily.
1. Opponent Freezing Power- In this power, you can freeze the opponent for a few seconds and make your goal without any hindrance.
2. A Goalie- A goalkeeper will appear on the screen to help you by dodging the opponent's ball.
3. A Giant Goal- With the help of this power you can increase the size of the opponent's net to shoot the ball easily.

How can you avail the superpowers?
To take advantage of the powers, you need to score equal to or more than 200. Once your score reaches 200, you will be able to get the superpowers and you can access them by clicking on the top-right button on the screen.

Sounds interesting to you? Then what are you waiting for?
Experience the legendary football experience with Football Stars!


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