Bubble Shooter

  You’re a fan of brain and reflection games with lots of fun? If yes, you’re about to enjoy Bubble Shooter ! Wanna start it right away? Then, Playhub.com is the way to go! Bubble shooter is quite easy and pleasant. So, be prepared to spend hours in front of your computer.  

More informations about Bubble Shooter


Bubble Shooter is in the category of reflection games. It’s in the bubble shooter version. Your objective is to make sure that bubbles don’t reach the bottom of the screen game. Otherwise, game is over for you. In doing so, all bubbles have to pop on your screen. How? Gather at least 3 colored matching bubbles to clear them and score. You enjoy that kind of bubble shooter and reflection game? Then, go quickly on Playhub.com. It’s free. No need to download to play !


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How to play Bubble Shooter


First, click on ‘’Play’’ to start. You have to shoot bubbles towards others bubbles on top for matching combination. How? Use your mouse to achieve your goal . Aim bubbles on potential matching ones using the mouse movement. To shoot, just do a left click on your mouse. You want tips ? The color of the bubble which comes next is displayed below. Help your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+  to discover Bubble Shooter by sharing it.