You're looking for a fun game ? Try, a great mix between Snake et ! What's your objective ? Be the first and eat all your adversaries. Ready for this challenge ?

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? is very similar to You have to survive as hard as you can. Every second is precious, and every move can be your last one. Get as much food as you can without getting hit by another snake. Think about your directions, try to trap your adversaries and develop tactics to be at the top position ! You can play for free and there are no registration or downloading restrictions.


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How to play


Before starting the game, you have to find a name for your snake. When you're ready, click on PLAY. You can move your snake with your mouse without clicking. To speed, do a left click or press the SPACE bar. Be careful for when you use speed, your size will be affected. Eat as much food as you can, you have to grow and get bigger and bigger. If your head collides with one of your adversaries, it's lost ! If you liked the game, do not hesitate, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google + !