Snow Queen 2

Wanna spend a good time having fun and training your brain? If yes, today is your lucky day for sure. Try Snow Queen 2 and you won’t live without! Snow Queen 2 is very addictive game with pretty appealing and relaxing graphics and music. Wanna test it? Visit and have fun !

More informations about Snow Queen 2


Snow Queen 2 is a reflection game. The Snow Queen has frozen the Elves. Your mission is to free elves from the ice blocks. Each elf corresponds to a flower and its leaves have been frozen as well. You need to assemble a line at 3 or more identical jewels in order to collect the flowers rotating in the grid. The image is in the tree at your left side. Try as many free reflection games as you like and that without download.


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How to play Snow Queen 2


Here is how to play Snow Queen 2: doing only a click from your mouse is enough. To switch jewels, do a left click on jewels from your mouse. Each level has a flower to restore. Once a flower gets to the bottom, it’s automatically free. As a tip, make sure to do combination below flowers to get them down. Feel free to share the game on social medias like Facebook for friends.