Solitary is a game of intelligence and reflection in which you will definitely need to use your brain. If you want to play a reflectioon game in which your role will be distributing and rearranging cards, don’t hesitate to try Solitary. Go on enjoy the magic of gaming!

More informations about Solitaire


Solitaire is a funny reflection game where your mission will be reordering the cards that are displayed on the playground to make them disappear from the table. You have two groups of 8 cards piles and you have to gather those of the same colour to fulfil each pile of cards in a decreasing order for the Kings and crescent order for the Ace. Enjoy similar games on without any download or registration requirement


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How to play Solitaire


Playing Solitaire is so easy! Use your mouse! Left click on start button. The cards on the internal rank must be moved to the centre in order to be able to end the game. On the central table we have 2 areas each containing a group of 8 cards with 4 kings and Aces. Put all cards inferior to the King at the bottom area and if they are superior to the Ace put them at the top. The lined up cards must have the same colour. Every completed cards group will disappear from the table. To distribute cards once again, left click on Shuffle, if you need help click on Hint. Share this game with your friends on Facebook, Twitter ...