Strike Force Heroes 2

Are you a fan of gun shooting games? If yes we definitely advise you to try Strike Force Heroes 2. Strike Force Heroes 2 is an action game where you incarnate a mercenary who have to save the world. You can play it on

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Strike Force Heroes 2 is a game where a great mission is assigned to you! You have to face harsh enemies to protect your town against terrorists. Use your gun, shoot on the wicked adversaries. The graphics and sound effects make this game perfect. Show your accuracy and determination by trying this game. You are at war and you have to defeat your enemies and win by all costs. You can enjoy other similar games online without any download or registration requirements.


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How to play Strike Force Heroes 2


Just use your mouse to play. Use the directional buttons to move on the battlefield. Use Left and right buttons to go to the corresponding directions, Up to jump and down to move down. Target your enemies using the left directional button and left click. Reach your arsenal by using the Shift button. This game makes you really discover the military life. Enjoy your time and spend hours in front of your screen. If you have appreciated like and Share this game on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.