Super Drift 3

Are you a fan of Super Drift games series? Yes! Then, go right now on because the last series is out. The super Drift 3 will definitely make your day if you’re a racing games devotee. Tracks have better shape. They’re faster. The game graphics are well done. Drifts are longer.

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Super Drift 3 is in the category of car and racing games. It’s about racing and drifting. The game offers several playing options. For example, seven different courses are available. You can choose any of them. Tracks for beginner, intermediate or expert are also available. Select what you want according to your profile. You can play all Super Drift series for free on Any download is necessary. Lots of free games in this category are also available on


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How to play Super Drift 3


To start, click on ‘’Continue’’. Then, choose a playing mode: ‘Arcade’’ or ‘’Time trials’’. Select a drift mode: Easy Drift and Expert Drift. Drift by turning and pressing ‘’Shift’’ when on Easy Drift mode. When choosing ‘’Expert Drift’’ mode, you have a release the accelerator (Up direction key) a second, then turn and accelerate again for drifting. Controls are the same (arrow keys). Press on Z to toggle scanlines. Share Super Drift 3 on your social media pages.