1001 Arabian Nights

1001 Arabian nights is a reflection game inspired from the tales of 1001 nights. This is a game of reflection. To progress through levels, move the tools down the screen and move off the tiles that block your progression to next level. Try to achieve each mission before the end of the time. You can play it on Playhub.com

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If  you like reflection games, you will enjoy 1001 Arabian nights for sure ! Your mission is to help the Queen to achieve her goal, that of solving a puzzle. The game principles are very simple. All that you have to do is to restore the different steps of an eye up in order to continue the adventure. So create a line or a column of 3 similar tiles by aligning symbols so that will be removed from the grid. Like and share this wonderful game on Facebook, Twitter...


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How to play 1001 Arabian Nights


Use your mouse and make Left click on new game on the homepage, and then click on start game to start. Left click with the mouse on the tile that you want to select and hold it to move it in the direction that you want. Create a group of 3 similar tiles and earn bonuses to recharge the magic ball. The magic ball on the left keeps on shining once it’s ready for use and click upon it to activate. Your time to stay in life and the time left are visible at the top of the screen. When you die or the game time is over it means that the party is over.