Bubble Shooter 3

Do you know the bubble shooter series? If so, here is another episode: Bubble Shooter 3. If not, you can give it a try ! You just need to be a good shooter. Are you good at throwing balls? Yes, you are! Playhub.com is the right website to prove it by starting the game.

More informations about Bubble Shooter 3


The game is a reflection game. Your objective is to remove all bubbles from the screen game. How? Try to launch them near 2 bubbles of the same color at least. The shooting arrow is controlled by the mouse movement. Bubbles of different colors are displayed on top of the screen. The shooting equipment, next bubble color, level, timer and score are at the bottom. Timer is symbolized by 5 danger tokens. Playing is entirely free and without download, so are countless similar games on Playhub.com. 


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How to play Bubble Shooter 3


Wanna play Bubble Shooter 3? Then, here are the rules and controls. First, you don't need to remember a lot of controls. To play, you only need your mouse. Aim towards the spot you wanna throw your bubble by moving the mouse. Once you aim at the right spot, click on the left button to shoot. For extra bonus, make sure to burst out more than 3 bubbles. Share the link of the game on Facebook or Google+.