Are you looking for a good reflection game? Try the game Sweet which belongs to 3 series free game. The game offers you flawless graphics. It is very simple to handle that game! You will be instantly hooked! You can play online for free, no download or registration to do.

More informations about Sweets


Your goal is to swap 2 candies' place in order to form a line of 3 identical candies minimum. Whenever you form a line of candy, you gain a few seconds and you fill the time bar. You'll fail your mission if the bar is empty and you pass to the next level when it is full. In Sweets, horizontal and vertical lines are authorized but the diagonal lines are excluded.


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How to play Sweets


For starting the game click "PLAY" . Read instructions in the game and then click on "Continue" when you're done. You can consult the current level and score on the right. The remaining time bar is at the top center. You win points depending on the length of the formed line. You win more if you form a longer line. You go automatically to the next level when the bar is filled. You can play this game with your mouse only. Click on two candies in any position in order to swap places. If the time bar is empty, you fail but you can replay from level 1 by clicking on "REPLAY". While you'll evolve in different levels, you'll notice that time runs faster. Share this game with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter !