Mahjong Cook

Mahjong Cook is another adaptation of the famous and classic Mahjong game. You’re a brain and reflection game fan? If yes, spend fun hours of playing with Mahjong Cook. It’ll be a real treat if you also know your ways around a kitchen. Ready for some utensils selection? Then, click on ‘’Start’’ without delay.

More informations about Mahjong Cook


Mahjong Cook is a reflection game. In this Mahjong version, you have to combine identical utensils and kitchen tools. Your objective is to clear all kitchen materials from your screen as quickly as possible. Finish clearing the table before timer runs to zero and unlock next levels. Timer is on top. The number of remaining elements as well as your score is at the bottom. Discover this game and many other reflection games freely and without download on   


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How to play Mahjong Cook


Playing is very simple. Just use your mouse. Here, usual tiles are changed by utensils and kitchen tools. Wanna bring identical materials together? Do only a left click on the first and then on the other. They’ll disappear automatically. As a tip, click on the “Hints” button on top for help. It can only be used for 3 times. Feel free to share the link of the game on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.