Mahjong Connection 2

If you’re a mahjong fan, Mahjong Connection 2 is the game you have to try absolutely. It’s a reflection game in the classic mahjong game style. Are you up to some brain exercise? If so, visit right now our free games platform, and start playing Mahjong Connection as long as you want.

More informations about Mahjong Connection 2


Mahjong connection is a reflection game. Your goal is to delete progressively all tiles from your screen. Once the table is loaded, try to find every twin tiles on the table and that as fast as possible. How? Just assemble 2 identical symbols drawn on tiles by clicking on them. Playable tiles are identical tiles which are side by side or free at one of their sides. Try it freely and without any downloading. Many other games of this kind are also available on


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How to play Mahjong Connection 2


How to play the game? First, click on ‘’Play’’ to start. The gameplay is very simple with some fine background sounds. To play, use your mouse. When identical tiles are side by side or uncovered by any other different tiles, do a left click to select them and make them disappear. Wanna help your friends try the game? Then, share its link on your Facebook or Twitter page.