Mahjong Simpsons

Play mahjong with the Simpson family in Mahjong Simpson. The Simpson family is funny so you'll definetly enjoy the theme as well as the mahjong gameplay. The game is free and very easy to play. You can play for free and without any download or registration restrictions.

More informations about Mahjong Simpsons


Try Mahjong Simpsons and feel immersed in the crazy Simpsons world ! All tiles have a portrait of the Simpsons family members ! Your goal in this game is to reveal these portraits by eliminating the tiles. It is easy to do. You must click on 2, 3 identical tiles or more. The identical tiles are grouped side by side. To have additional points, you have to earn combos that you will find during the game. Finding a bom is very important because it will serve you. You can explode everything at the same time with these bombs !


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How to play Mahjong Simpsons


Are you ready to have fun? To start the game Mahjong Simpsons, click on [START GAME]. You must use your mouse to play. Find a pair of identical tiles placed side by side and click on them to make them disappear. It can happen that three tiles are eliminated thanks to only one click, but be careful! It does not work with the tiles which are laid out into diagonal. The more you eliminate several tiles at the same time, the more you earn points. When you find a bomb your chance increases. To detonate a bomb, you have to click on the left icon when it appears. Advance through levels while playing calmly. If you have friends who like Simpson like you, invite them to play Mahjong Simpson by posting the link of the game on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.