Mahjong II

If you are fond of Mahjong game, we definitely recommend you to visit and try Mahjong II. Gather similar elements in order to make them disappear. Do not wait anymore, start and enjoy the magic of gaming !

More informations about Mahjong II


Mahjong II is a great game where you can play on various themes. The game consists on gathering two identical elements, but they have to be free tiles. The game has wonderful graphics and is a real challenge that will test your accuracy. Spend hours and hours in front of your screen, we are sure that you will appreciate playing this game! Enjoy similar games online without any download requirement. 


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How to play Mahjong II


Just use your mouse to select elements. Eight elements will be available: food, sports, telugu, flash tools, english, chess, symbols and medical. Choose your background and click on Play. Race against time, you only have 1000 seconds to remove everything from your screen and you have only 8 hints, so choose how to use them wisely. If you face some difficulties, click on Hint to get instructions. Like and share this game on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+