Pyramid Solitaire Classic

Are you a fan of good reflection games? If so we definitely recommend you to go on and try Pyramid Solitaire Classic a wonderful game where you will spend hours and hours. Your mission is gathering 2 cards to get 13 in sum. Try it now!

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Pyramid Solitaire Classic is a reflection game where you have to make a selection of two cards in order to get 13 by adding them. The game is simply fantastic and is a good way to test your intelligence. Without any doubt, you will enjoy this game, just try it. Make your mind work while having fun. You can play other similar games online without any registration or download requirements. 


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How to play Pyramid Solitaire Classic


Just use your mouse to play! Click on a card to make it shine and add another to see if their sum will be 13. If you get 13, the cards will disappear from the table, if not nothing happens. Click on draw pile to discover other cards. Look out! The card will disappear in waste pile after 2 decks. You have only two remodels per game, click on new deal to redistribute cards. View the remaining time at the top of the screen and your score above the new deal button. Like and share this game on Facebook, Twitter, Google+