Super Mario Mahjong

Mahjong game fans will be pleased with this version of Super Mario theme. With the Mario Mahjong reflection game, find your heroes: Mario, Peach, Toad, Yoshi and others on your Mahjong tiles. This game is available online, free without any download.  

More informations about Super Mario Mahjong


In Mario Mahjong game, the rules are almost like those of classic Mahjong games. In this puzzle, the goal is to eliminate, in pairs, all the tiles that are on your game board. To do so, you have to find identical tiles which are located at the ends and at the same height. Your bookmarks will be with Mario characters' designs that appear on the tiles. You just have to connect the tiles with the same pattern in order to eliminate them.


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How to play Super Mario Mahjong


After a short loading, you can directly start the game. You have to make disappear a hundred Mario tiles. You will find at the bottom right: your score, the remaining time and the number of tiles to eliminate. It is very simple to eliminate the tiles, click Left on a tile and then click on another identical tile. You may not use tiles that are blocked by others. The tiles that you can use flash when you click on it. First make disappear tiles from the center. Thus you could deliver the tiles underneath. Try to eliminate tiles which are placed on higher ground. As the game is based on reflection, you should be very careful during the game. With these tips and good concentration, you should not have any problem to solve Mario Mahjong. Do not forget to share the game with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.